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About Our Lab

GoDx is a testing site and lab under one roof. We do not just administer tests, we also process the samples in our facility. This allows us to control the quality of work done throughout the entire testing process, ensuring the less than 2-hour or 24-hour delivery timeframe. Our COVID-19 testing team is devoted to helping members of the community travel and interact safely.

GoDx Inc mobile lab

The GoDx Story

Dr. Kim started GoDx with a vision for improving global health. When he heard that diarrheal diseases count for 1 in 9 child deaths worldwide, the second leading cause of death among children under the age of 5, he knew he found his calling. With ten years of experience in the diagnostic industry, he saw the unmet need for diagnostics testing for all people that could be solved with the low-cost point of care diagnostics. Since 2017, Dr. Kim has been awarded multiple grants to help pursue this passion. Then, when the pandemic broke out, he pivoted to using the platform technology towards developing a Covid test.


Accolades to GoDx

GoDx pursues innovative methods to bring the cost of diagnostics down with low-cost materials and supplies. We won the AGA’s 2018 Shark Tank with an innovative new testing technique. Go-GutDx is a paper-based testing technique for gastrointestinal issues we are working on. With multiple grants to pursue low-cost diagnostics, we are proud to continue to take part in frontier research and development as a way of continuing to provide a more accessible and convenient option to the community.

A Lab You Can Trust

Few things are more important than having a diagnostic lab you can trust when getting a COVID-19 test.

Clients that choose GoDx find that we deliver COVID-19 testing the way it should be done.

We keep our clients safe by administering tests from their cars or outdoors.

We email a report to clients within 24 hours.

Make your future more certain with a rapid COVID-19 test from our team of trained and experienced technicians.

Schedule Your Rapid COVID-19 Test Now!