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Meet the Team at Our Testing Lab

Our research and development team is lead by Dr. Chang Hee Kim who graduated from Caltech and has done postdoctoral work at Harvard and MIT. He has a vision for a diagnostic lab that could provide quick and affordable testing for various diseases. Our Covid testing team is led by Sarah, a pharmacist for over 15 years, who loves to hear her clients’ stories of how our testing service has made it possible to make lasting memories with their loved ones.

Scheduling an Appointment at Our Testing Lab

If you need a testing lab that provides quick and reliable results, schedule an appointment at GoDx. We perform antigen and RT-PCR COVID-19 tests and return results within 24 hours. We provide an expedited process that can deliver results for either type of test within 2 hours if you need it. We administer all tests from the safety of your car or outdoors. You just text us when you get here, and a technician comes out to walk you through the test. Do not put off getting your COVID-19 test. You have a right to know your health.

Schedule Your Rapid COVID-19 Test Now!