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GoDx’s Concierge Testing

GoDx’s concierge testing service brings fast and reliable COVID-19 testing services directly to you.

We will bring our mobile COVID-19 testing team to your door or place of business and test your entire group for an additional service fee.

We can produce immediate results on-site for antigen tests.

Our mobile testing team can even guarantee the same 2 or 24-hour PCR test results as our laboratory.

Speedy testing for yourself, your family, and your workplace can be right at your fingertips.

Pricing for Group Mobile Testing Services

The concierge testing we provide comes at the same price per test as our standard 24-hour antigen and RT-PCR tests.

  • Antigen Tests
  • RT-PCR Tests
  • Service Fee for travel and set-up

Discounted Rates for Large Groups and Repeat Events

We offer both RT-PCR and antigen tests through our mobile concierge testing team. The service is especially popular for groups and events. We offer discounts for large groups and repeat testing.

  • 15-20 people: 5% discount
  • More than 21 people: 10% discount
  • Booking 2 or more testing events

Testing Where You Need It and Results When You Need Them

We take pride in getting COVID-19 tests to clients within 24 hours.  For PCR tests, we collect samples at the location and process them at our lab. From the time it reaches our lab, clients will receive reports emailed directly to them within 24 hours. If speedy results are your primary concern, antigen tests can be completed on-site, where you can receive immediate results. Lab reports will be emailed within 24 hours.

Schedule Your Rapid COVID-19 Test Now!