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WHY we exist


Our team believes that all humans have the right
to know their health now.

Your health is greatly impacted by what goes inside your bodies, so it is critical to know if there are tiny bugs living in the water we drink, the food we eat, or inside of us.  

Know now, for a healthier tomorrow.


How we do it

At GoDx, our solutions are available for all,  easy to use, and actionable.


Available For All

Our team is committed to making it possible for all people to have access to our solutions.  We are intentional about keeping our costs low.  Our diagnostic tests don't require a laboratory, nor a professional to interpret the results. Wherever you are and whenever you need, you can know your health.

Easy to Use

Similar to a home pregnancy test, our solutions eliminate the pains of waiting on lab results and then a physician to interpret the results.  Our easy workflow delivers immediate results that are clearly interpreted by you.

Actionable Results

Take the test results to your local pharmacy, meet with your healthcare provider, or change your personal health behaviors.

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WHAT we do

GoDx is working with the NIH in creating impactful global solutions

In collaboration with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), GoDx is relentlessly developing a paper based test to accurately detect the specific bugs that cause diarrheal diseases.  Globally, 2.2 million people die from these gastrointestinal infections, of which is the second cause of death in children.  By identifying which bug is causing the diarrhea, doctors can quickly choose the most effective medicine, so that we may be treated in time.

Our technology allows for multiple tests to be performed and analyzed from a single sample, so you can make sure that you know what specific bug you may have.  From there, you can track and trend your health data.  Take this actionable information to the pharmacy, doctors office, or make immediate changes to your health behaviors.  

all people have the right to know their health now.