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Guaranteed COVID-19 Test Results Within 2 hours or 24 Hours

(1 year and older)

Our Guarantee

We specialize in delivering test results guaranteed within 2 hours (expedited) or 24 hours.

We do not batch our samples, which means you never have to  worry about LOST TESTS  or INVALID RESULTS.

We do not charge you for cancelling an appointment.

We take pride in providing reliable testing services even when it is last minute.

If you need a COVID-19 test, schedule an appointment with us today.

Laboratory team working on coronavirus vaccine

COVID-19 Testing at GoDx:

To keep you safe, a testing technician comes outside to your car or for walk-up clients, we meet you at the signs to perform the test.

Results conveniently arrive in your email within 2 hours or 24 hours (depending on which option you choose).

  • Schedule an appointment online
  • Text the name of the person getting the test to 608-867-7799 upon arrival
  • Park or walk up according to the signage
  • Wait for a technician to come to your car or to the signs
  • Perform a gentle self-swab in both nostrils under the supervision of a technician
  • Wait for results to come to your email within 2 or 24 hours
DNA Molecules

What We Have Accomplished With Our Rapid COVID-19 Tests

We are working in collaboration with the National Institute of Health to create paper-based tests for COVID-19 and organisms that cause gastrointestinal disorders. As we keep expanding the capabilities of our testing center, we hope to use our expertise to provide everyone with a safer way to get where they need to go.

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